November 7, 2011

What was this? It just came out of the sky, out of nowhere. How was he supposed to react? Was he supposed to just go with it? He turned and wrapped his arms around a pair of legs, looking up, afraid. She pushed him away gently. “Good luck” she smiled, and began searching in her bag for something. This was not normal. This was not good. He raised a tentative hand to his forehead, retracted it almost immediately. No one seemed all that surprised. Everyone just seemed to laugh. Passersby cooed and giggled. He began to cry when his glasses became obscured. An old man walking by knelt down by his side. “Aaawww” he said. He cried harder. His mother turned back to inspect and only smiled more broadly. “There, there, little fella” said the old man. She began to laugh. “Only a little shitehawk.”

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